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Requirements for Sulfate Ash in Natural Gas Engine Oil



  •                                Sulfated ash



Low Ash


Medium Ash


High Ash


The size of sulfate ash is to some extent the reaction of neutralizing acid in lubricating oil and high temperature cleaning ability. The sulfur content in natural gas is generally very low, and the acid value in combustion is less. The demand of sulfate ash (base value) is mainly for the lubrication of valve system and other parts. For natural gas with high hydrogen sulfide content, higher alkali value is needed to neutralize the acidic substances produced by combustion and reduce the corrosion of components.

Liquid fuels such as diesel produce incomplete combustion products during combustion, which can improve the lubrication of exhaust valve or valve seat. Natural gas enters the combustion chamber in gaseous state. It can not be lubricated like liquid. The combustion process is very complete. It lubricates the exhaust valve badly. It can only rely on a small amount of ash generated after combustion to lubricate the valve system. During the normal operation of the engine, the sediment on the valve is losing continuously, while the new sediment is constantly replenishing. It is a dynamic equilibrium. If the sediment on the valve is too little, the wear and tear will be aggravated and the valve embedding will occur. If the valve deposit is too much, it will cause the valve deposit to peel off and form a high temperature gas channeling passage, which will lead to valve melting loss. In addition, the increase of piston deposit will lead to wear and tear of piston and cylinder liner.

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